It helps if you have visual aids during a presentation. You will know what to say next if you refer to the information found on the visual aids. They also help the listeners who cannot catch what you are saying. You can prepare slides to project on the screen since it is the easiest way to let everyone see the information. You may also opt for folder printing. You can print the information and include it in a folder that you will distribute to the attendees before you begin talking. These folders are usually suitable for small groups, such as when you pitch ideas to potential investors.

The use of visual aids can enhance your presentation, but it could also go the other way. Be cautious in using the visual aids so that they will make your presentation interesting and appealing.

Start by planning what you will say

The problem with some presenters is that they seem too busy thinking of what visual aids to use and what information to include in the visual aids. The best strategy is to start by thinking of what you need to say before you decide what to add in your visual aids. The information you will impart is also similar to the information you project on the screen or print for the folder. The presentation is more detailed than the visual aids though.

Visual aids are for highlighting key points

You need to make the visual aids as concise as possible. You don’t want to write long sentences in the presentation folder because no one will want to read them. You also don’t want to do the same when projecting information on the screen since the font size might end up getting too small. You need to select the words that you want to highlight and for the listeners to remember.

Ensure visibility

Whether you are projecting information on the screen, or you are printing it in a folder, you need to ensure that everyone sees what you wrote. You also need to consider the people looking at the visual aids. You might be talking to people who are in their 50s and 60s. They already have a hard time reading small fonts. You need to enlarge the text and images for easy visibility.

Talk to the audience

Another problem people have when using visual aids is that they end up getting too reliant. They keep reading the information on the slides. They also speak while looking at the screen instead of the listeners. You need to look at the people in the eyes at least 80% of the time. You can glance at your visual aid, but don’t be too dependent on it.

Limit the information you present on the visual aid

You want the people to listen to you and not rely on the visual aids you use. You need to give them something to look forward to. If everything you say is already on the visual aids, the listeners won’t feel motivated to listen to what you are saying.

You need to be smart in using visual aids and make sure they enhance the quality of your presentation.