It is good to treat yourself well before you hit the bed. Even if you are too lazy after a long day at work, you still need to follow these rituals before bed to make you feel comfortable. You will easily put yourself to sleep with the help of these tips.

Take a dip in a whirlpool bath

If you are yet to try whirlpool baths, you will love them. You might think it is your regular bathtub at first, but once you let the water spin, it feels like someone is trying to massage your body. You will feel relaxed and it will make it easy for you to fall asleep. You won’t hesitate to invest in something if you know it can improve your physical health.

Use a hand cream

If you want to make your hands attractive and smooth, you can use hand cream before you sleep. After washing your hands at night with warm water, you can use a mild soap. Then, pat your hands with a soft towel before applying hand cream. You can also use it before heading to work or even at work. Find a moisturiser that is a bit thick but not too greasy.

Use a toner

A toner helps restore the natural pH levels of the skin. Using it will help kill bacteria and other microbes. You will get rid of dirt and impurities. You can’t afford to sleep knowing that you have yet to remove the dirt. It could cause acne and other skin blemishes.

Eye cream is a must

It is not a good thing waking up each day with spots around your eyes. You can use eye cream before you sleep to allow that part of your face to recover. You will feel fresh and renewed the next day, and it will show in your eyes.

Comb your hair

Your hair needs combing before you go to bed so that it retains its natural glow. You also need to tie it so that it won’t be tangled when you wake up the next day. You don’t want to spend hours combing your hair before heading to work. Besides, your hair also contains oil that could increase blemishes on your face.

Use petroleum jelly for your feet

If you don’t want your feet to have calluses, you need to use this jelly. It keeps your feet smooth and moisturised. You don’t go to a spa all the time to pamper your feet. It is the closest you can get to having a foot spa at home.

Use silk pillowcases

You need to carefully choose the sheets and pillowcases as your skin touches them when you sleep. It helps if you choose a silk pillowcase as it makes you feel comfortable. It is not easy getting to sleep at times but having silk as the primary fabric for your pillowcase will help.

With these tips, you will feel terrific before sleeping and wake up to a new day feeling fresh.