Honda Accord owners are smart customers. They know the importance of investing in a quality vehicle. Hondas are well known as reliable vehicles that retain value well. When the time comes for you to upgrade to something newer, you want to get the highest amount possible when reselling your current Honda Accord. Here are three ways to keep your Accord looking fresh, no matter the year.

1. Upgrade Your Floor Mats

The Honda Accord floor mats that came with your new vehicle are decent enough, but there are a couple reasons to upgrade. First, the stock Honda Accord floor mats are carpeted. It won’t take long for this carpeting to show significant wear and stains. When you go to resell your vehicle, prospective buyers may be turned off at the sight of old, worn mats. Better to pack these away or stow them in the trunk. Let your aftermarket mats absorb the everyday wear and tear. Keep your stock mats pristine for resale.

Second, aftermarket Honda Accord floor mats come in a wide variety of styles that can better meet your particular needs. Get a heavy-duty mat if you’re wearing work boots in your car, or get something luxurious if that’s more your style.

2. Keep Your Honda in a Garage When Possible

The sun is brutal on a car’s exterior (and on exposed interior elements). Whenever possible, keep your Honda Accord in a garage, whether at your home or in town. Your car will get plenty of unavoidable sun exposure, so limit it when you can.

Not only does keeping your car in a garage cut down on sun exposure, but it also limits exposure to other elements. Rain, sleet, snow, and winter weather treatments like salt and sand all contribute to the degradation of your car’s exterior. So limit this exposure as best you can.

3. Wash and Detail Your Honda Accord Regularly

No matter how careful you are, your car is going to get dirty. The longer dirt and grime sits on your car’s surfaces, the more damage it can do. It’s important to wash your car’s exterior and detail its interior regularly.

Of course, washing and detailing your car yourself takes a commitment of time. Not to mention the fact that these tasks can be a real pain in those winter months. Consider letting someone else take care of this for you by joining a car wash membership.

Your Honda Accord is a great sedan. Keep it looking fresh for years to come with these tips: upgrade your Honda Accord floor mats, keep your car out of the sun when you can, and wash and detail your vehicle regularly.