LED lights have drastically changed the way we see lighting. Many years ago, we used incandescent light bulbs that only glowed in warm colours but weren’t power efficient, like the ones that came after it: the CFLs or compact fluorescent lights. Back then, LEDs were mainly used for the insides of electronics and weren’t the primary choice when it came to lighting. Now we have state-of-the-art GU10 LED lights that consume only 5 to 7 watts all thanks to the innovation of making LEDs glow just as bright as CFLs, but run in a more energy efficient way.

With LEDs taking over lighting, CFLs have become completely obsolete. Different kinds of LED lights are radiating with different brightness and colour temperatures. They have taken over every conceivable lighting fixture type. Now LEDs are the standard lighting fixture for virtually everything, even vehicles. They include, but aren’t limited to, the following:

  • They are the most common LED lighting fixture. They can be used everywhere: at home or in offices and can come in different colour temperatures, from warm to cool.
  • Light bulbs. Some fixtures like chandeliers are made to be used exclusively with light bulbs. The most commonly used ones in the past were incandescent and CFLs. When LEDs became a thing, there arose a need to create LEDs that are compatible with old chandelier fixtures. Thus light bulbs with LEDs inside them were designed. The beauty of some of them is that these LED lights can imitate the colour temperature of the old incandescent ones while being so energy efficient that the power used to operate them is only a fraction of how much power is used when using an incandescent light bulb with the same colour temperature.
  • General purpose panel lighting. Panel lighting is just like how it sounds: an LED light in the shape of a panel. This is great for walls or ceilings. There’s also a variation that’s mainly used for disco dance floors. They can be static or interactive, depending on the variant of panel lighting used and for what purpose.
  • A common type of lighting fixture that is now LED dominated. LED technology helps because of beams of light cost lots of power, and because LEDs consume less power, it was immediately thought that LED spotlights could greatly decrease the wasted energy. Floodlights are just the same as spotlights. The ones used to illuminate billboards also use LEDs.
  • Garden lighting and decorations. Businesses that offer garden parties or homes that have garden fixtures also benefit from the LED’s power-saving capabilities. Garden lanterns and water fountain lighting fall under this category. If we consider Christmas lights as decorations, then they too fall into this category.

This doesn’t include the number of other appliances that use LED lighting such as microwaves ovens, refrigerators, dishwashers, TV screens and monitors, and smartphones. Truly, LEDs have conquered the market with the promise of cheaper yet brighter lighting.