Arguably the biggest Instagram makeup trend of the past little while, matte lips are here, there, and everywhere lately. Being universally flattering and with so many colours out there, we here at Haute Appetite have to agree that matte lips are here to stay. From trendy to traditional, just what makes for a top notch matte lip? Fear not, fellow beauty junkies – we’ve narrowed down the playing field to reveal the top matte lipsticks out there.

Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Dolce Vita

There are some beauty products you just swear by. You’d be lost without them. And for us, the Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Dolce Vita is one of them. Subtle enough to wear everyday without looking like a Bratz doll and pretty enough for even the fanciest nights out, this shade is absolutely perfection. Quality-wise, Nars has always been fantastic. The large crayon format is easy to apply and creamy enough to keep your lips moisturized. We do suggest, however, for our colder climate girls, a little lip conditioner before applying the pencil to fend off dry lips that the utter cold can cause.

Maybelline Colour Sensation Creamy Mattes in Siren in Scarlet and Daringly Nude

Maybelline has always been our go-to drugstore brand of makeup. They continue to amaze us with great quality products that are on par, and sometimes even outshine, their designer counterparts. The matte lip game is no different with Maybelline still winning with their Colour Sensation Creamy Mattes. The Daringly Nude shade is a lovely blush nude while the Siren In Scarlet is a true red for a saucy night out. Pair it with some Tom Ford glasses for a hot and chic look!

Urban Decay Matte Revolution in Blackmail

A hyper popular trend within a trend, the super dark matte lip is currently all the rage. Call it the Kylie effect, but luscious lips painted that perfect shade of glamorously ominous deep purple are highly sought after. Urban decay is hits the nail dead-on with their Matte Revolution lipstick in Blackmail. The shade, far less intense sounding than its name alludes to, is a gorgeous deep purple. Dark? Definitely. But wearable? Absolutely. Also a nicely moisturizing consistency, we are loving this shade for when we want to go all out vampy.