Inviting people to a wedding or other celebration can be tough. If they already have something else planned during the date and time in question, they will probably say no. It won’t be a fun party if there are only a handful of attendees unless it is your goal in the first place.

The key to ensuring that people come is the invitation letter. These days, most people prefer sending e-vites or electronic invites. They save paper, and they are easy to create. The problem is that they lack a personal touch. The recipient will feel that you did not put a lot of thought into the invitation. Therefore, they also won’t feel the need to say yes.

Avoid online invitations and opt for the conventional method. However, instead of using regular paper, you can use luxury stationery. You will make anyone receiving the paper feel excellent because of how unique the invitation looks like.

Personal invitation

When you use luxury paper, and you write some details by hand, the person receiving it can’t afford to say no. You took the extra time to invite that person to come to the event. The least the recipient can do is to say yes and show up. They also won’t mind putting aside everything on their schedule to be there on a special occasion with you.

Write a special note

If you want to print most of the details like the date, time, and place of the event, it is okay. However, you need to add special notes before you hand the cards out. These notes contain some special messages for the person receiving them. It does not have to be too long. You can express your gratitude or apology to that person first to avoid any awkwardness during the event.

Personally deliver the invitations

If you have enough time, you can take it to the next level by personally inviting the guests. They won’t say no anymore since they feel special, because although you are very busy with the preparations, you still took the time to give them the invite. Even couples preparing for a wedding don’t do it because they have so much to do. They either ask someone they know to give the invites, or they ask a courier service to do the job.

Get ready for the response

After exerting effort to convince the person to say yes to your invitation, you need to get ready for their answer. It is still possible for them to not attend because they have something they could not cancel. For sure, they will make it up to you in other ways. Don’t feel bad about their decision. It does not mean that you don’t matter to them. They might already have had something scheduled months ahead, and they could not cancel it.

Try your best to invite the special people in your life to come, and regardless of their response, you need to enjoy your event.