You are in a tight position as you start discussing a new idea during a meeting and no one is listening to you. Even if you are trying everything to gain their attention, you might face employees who do not seem to care. The first thing to do is identify the reasons why these employees are apathetic before you try to find a solution.

They do not feel physically ready  

The meeting could be too early in the morning or right after lunch. During these times, employees still feel sleepy. They are not in the mood to listen to anything even if you are presenting something useful for them. Physical preparedness is crucial in doing a job, including meetings and brainstorming sessions.

You are boring 

You also need to look at how you speak during a presentation. If you are too monotonous, you will lose people’s interest. You might also keep talking about the same issue for several minutes. You also make yourself the centre of attention. You are not sensitive to what others feel during the meeting, and you still keep going.

You do not feel excited 

If you are presenting something new, everyone needs to feel the excitement in the way you speak; otherwise, you will not convince the listeners to feel the same way. On the other hand, even if the idea you are presenting does not seem perfect, you can still sell it to the people in the room if you are enthusiastic about it.

You do not give any incentive to listen 

As you start your presentation, you immediately talk about the new idea. You did not set rules. You also did not ask questions. You did not inform everyone that there will be brainstorming or a question and answer session after the presentation. They do not know anything apart from the fact that they have to sit down to listen to you. Hence, they do not have any motivation to be attentive.

There is nothing new 

You might feel like you are giving a new idea during the presentation, but the employees might already have heard about it before. It could be an idea that you tried selling before that no one bought. It could also be an idea from a competitor that you are trying to copy. Before you brand anything as new or fresh, you need to make sure that it is; otherwise, you will instantly lose the attention of everyone in the room.

You only rely on your words 

You also need to have something to show while you speak. People want to feel excited when they see images or text up on a screen. You can use a TV wall mount if you want everyone to see the information on a monitor.

Now that you understand the reasons why employees might feel uninterested in what you are saying, you can find a way to improve the next time. You can also ask them directly to give comments regarding your performance.