A wooden fence is prone to damage and deterioration because it is exposed to extreme changes in weather. You can make it last for years through proper maintenance and protection. A fence is open to soil damage, rot threat, and other forms of damage, but with these tips, you can extend its life. You do not need a professional to look after your fence because it only takes simple steps.

Clean the fence properly

Your fence can get dirty over time, so clean it regularly to make it look new all the time. Use the right type of cleaner, such as wood cleaners you can buy from stores. Apply it on the entire fence. Let it sit for up to 30 minutes to wash off dirt. Rinse it using a pressure washer, about 2 feet away from the wood. Ideally, pressure washers with 2700 PSI or less are safe for wood. When you are sure all the cleaner is washed away, let it dry well before staining or painting the fence.

Apply a sealant

Since a wooden fence is exposed to weather damage, applying a polyurethane sealant helps protect it. After allowing the washed fence to dry, apply sealant with a brush following the direction of the grain and making sure it is evenly coated. Allow it to dry for at least 24 hours.

Repair damage

Check the fence regularly for damage. Fix even minor cracks because they can get bigger. There are waterproof wood glues you can use for splits and cracks. You can use a concrete spur for badly damaged posts. Just dig a hole around the base about 1 to 2 feet deep and place the spur, using bolts to attach it in place. This should prevent the spur from slipping. If you notice rotting wood, cut it out and coat with sealant.

Tighten loose boards

Check screws or nails and tighten or replace them as necessary. You can fill the top of holes with caulk to keep the screws in place. There are weather-resistant screws you can buy as a better alternative.

Use wood preservatives

Wood preservatives are excellent for use in humid or wet climates. Apply it to the base of posts with a brush to prevent rotting and other damage. There are different types of wood preservatives but look for environmentally friendly options.

Apply wood stain

Wood stain should match the colour of your wooden fence. Choose one with moisture or UV protection. Apply it evenly using a roller. You can smooth it out using a brush. A single coating is enough for full colour. Let it dry well. If your fence is painted, you can use paint stripper to remove it before staining.

Your fence plays an important role in the protection and aesthetics of your property. However, wood can rot over time. With a little care, you can make it last longer.

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