Design and process engineers understand the importance of mitigating the cost of acquisition to meet the company’s bottom line. In buying a new hydraulic power unit, there are essential considerations and factors to consider. These factors will impact the overall cost of the hydraulic power pack, and selecting the right unit will also affect the success of the intended application.

Hydraulic power pack size

Hydraulic power packs come in a range of sizes with corresponding capacity, features, and specifications. Generally, larger power packs are more expensive, but also produce more power. Compact or small power packs such as an HPR Micro Pack are excellent options for mobile or portable applications. The key aspects to compare when choosing the right hydraulic power pack size are:

  • Hydraulic cylinder size
  • Working pressure
  • Power consumption
  • Power pack capacity
  • Pump and motor rating

The general rule is, always refer to the power pack specifications or the product manual to find the suitable size and model for the intended application.

The type of technology

If the hydraulic power pack has advanced or highly sophisticated technology, expect the cost to be higher. Custom-built power packs are an example of a power pack with a sophisticated design. Since you are not buying off the shelf, the manufacturer is likely going to use a unique specification or feature to build the power pack; hence, making it more expensive than a standard model.

Custom-built power packs come with exact specifications required for the application and could be worth the investment if necessary. Additional accessories such as remote control may also increase the cost of a hydraulic power pack.

The hydraulic power pack brand

It is normal for different brands to have varying prices. The more well-known the brand, the more likely it is to be expensive. Nevertheless, your choice should not depend on the brand’s popularity alone. Check the reputation of the company as well as researching feedback and reviews to make a more informed decision.

Hydraulic power pack repair and maintenance costs

Repairs and maintenance are unavoidable when a machine operates under harsh conditions. When a hydraulic power pack becomes faulty, you will either need to replace some components or buy a new unit entirely. The cost of maintaining a power pack depends on the parts that need replacement as well as the extent of the damage.

Naturally, the price of each component you buy to replace an old or broken part depends on the type of hydraulic power pack as well as the model and brand. To ensure that you are purchasing the right component, the first thing you need to do is identify the hydraulic power pack specifications.

It is best to contact the original manufacturer so that you can get the exact replacement parts and it is also possible to get discounted deals or free servicing if they offer it as part of their after-sales benefits.

If you already have a trained repair technician within the company, there are appropriate troubleshooting and repair instructions from the product manual which can help save on the cost of hiring a technician.