Although hiring a mover guarantees a stress-free relocation, choosing the right mover can be a stressful and challenging exercise. Gloucester is home to hundreds of moving companies. However, there is a need to find the right mover to help you relocate your office or home. Here is a guide to finding the right removal companies in Gloucester.

Check on reputation

By hiring a moving company, you are allowing the full moving crew access to your home or office. They will be handling all your belongings including valuables. It is, therefore, advisable to do a background check of the company to determine whether it’s trustworthy. The fastest way to know the reputation of a moving company is to seek an opinion from friends and colleagues. You can also check on reviews and testimonials online before engaging the company.

Is the company legit?

There are lots of removal companies claiming to offer moving services. However, not all companies are trustworthy with such a huge task. First, you need to compile a list of favourite moving companies. The next step is to check on whether the company is licensed and registered. A reputable company should have all the required documentation to offer moving services in Gloucester.

Is it equipped with handling facilities?

Choose a moving company that will guarantee special handling of your belongings. There is quality and modern handling equipment for loading and offloading. Has the company invested in this type of equipment?

Does it have storage facilities?

In most cases, you may require to store your belongings as you wait for the relocation day. When searching for a removal company, it’s best to keep such needs in mind. First, the company should have modern storage facilities. The type of storage facility you need depends on the nature of your belongings.

Safety of items

What measures has the company taken to guarantee the safety of your belongings? Cases of items being lost or damaged are prevalent when moving. It is the role of professional movers to ensure that your items are intact. First, the company should be insured. In case of loss or damage, you will be guaranteed to be compensated. Secondly, the company should provide quality packing materials for better handling of equipment.

Compare quotes

Use the rule of three to choose the best moving quote. Contact several removal companies and request at least three quotes from different movers. From these quotes, you can estimate how much to budget for your relocation. It is important to note that quotes vary depending on your moving needs. As you discuss the quotes, state the services you need such as packing materials, loading, off-loading and unpacking services. These are essential things that determine the final cost of your move.


Finally, consider when you want to move. Will, the company you choose be available to move you on your preferred dates? It is advisable that you book these services early by signing the best moving contract.

These are some of the critical factors that will guide you in choosing the right moving company. Always fully discuss your moving needs before hiring.