AYANA offers visitors the chance to experience the best of what Komodo Island has to offer in terms of their flora and fauna endowment. Let’s take a closer look at the wonderful natural features and memorable activities one is guaranteed to enjoy in Komodo Island.

How to get to the Island

Labuan Bajo is a tiny port town which acts as a gateway for any experience round Komodo Island. The town is positioned on the western most tip of Flores. When boarding an international flight, the island can be reached thru Jakarta, Bali or Lombok. Domestic flights to Labuan Bajo’s Komodo airport are also available on these cities.

The town has an array of charming hospitality establishments for one to settle in, including its first 5-star luxury lodging, the AYANA Komodo Resort, Waecicu Beach. When staying at the AYANA Komodo Resort, one is treated to a private stretch of white sandy beach as well as diverse beachfront hangouts; this is an excellent start to an epic komodo island cruise.

The island is an all year spherical sunshine destination, so you can visit at any time. However, some vacationers prefer to skip January-March when it is most likely to rain and July-August, when the destination hits its peak visitor season.

On April to June, the ocean is calm with a clear underwater visibility thus considered the pleasant time to find out the marine existence and spot the historic dragons within the wild. September-December is known as the mantas season, so avid divers and snorkelers may want to plot their diving journey just in time.

Activities to undertake while in the Island

1.      Spotting the dragons

The Komodo National Park found in Komodo Island has the largest populace of Komodo dragons residing here (approximately 2,000 Komodo dragons are believed to be there).

Guests should ensure they take a guided hike alongside the scenic, rugged landscapes of the island, and witness the marvel of these historical lizards in their actual herbal habitat.

2.      Underwater adventure

There are over 50 international-magnificence dive web sites around Komodo Island.

The island boasts of having over 1,000 tropical fish, 250 species of coral, and frequent sightings of some uncommon marine mammals. Whether one is an expert diver or enjoys snorkeling, Komodo Island guarantees an unforgettable underwater journey.

3.      Nature walk

Komodo Island also offers many nature-based highlights. For instance the island’s pristine beaches and the long stretches of coastline are all there ready for one to sun basks in all its glory. The most well-known seashore, Pink Beach, comes with strikingly-colored red sands.

Four unique features found in Komodo Island

·         Pandar Island

This is a tiny island placed between Komodo Island and Rinca Island. Pandar Island has the most luxurious top of the-hill view within Komodo National Park.

It also has a stunning sunset that provides a magnificent view of over 4 crescent-shaped seashores glistening underneath the solar.

·         Kanawa Island

Kanawa Island is near Labuan Bajo, the clear calm waters found here make it a snorkeling and free diving paradise.

The coral reefs are also magnificent, with a wide range of colorful fish, sea mammals, turtles, and different amazing marine species.

·         Kalong Island

This island is next to the Rinca Island and it’s a secret home for thousands of bats. This alone may sound creepy but the island also offers a great experience with the aid of the coastline of Kalong during the sunset. The silhouette of bats flying on the golden sky seems so romantic and creates a memorable memory.

·         Manta point

This is a sanctuary for the majestic Manta Ray and an ideal place for the diving fanatics. Manta point sits between the Komodo Island and Rinca Island,

Manta point provides the best diving spot to give one a once in a lifetime close encounter with plenty of sea creatures, swimming and soaring freely in the turquoise water.