Most women know an annual pap smear/pelvic exam is an important part of their yearly medical check-up. But the misconception that annual exams are the only reason to see a gynecologist New York could be affecting your overall health. A gynecologist specializes in health issues related to the female reproductive system which are more far reaching than many women realize.

  1. Education

Not every adult knows as much about their reproductive health as they could. A lack of or misinformation is nothing to be embarrassed about. A gynecologist is your best resource for understanding how your reproductive system works and what to expect from normal vaginal health. Teaching patients about the different types of birth control, how they work and where to get them is also part of a gynecologist’s job. Some questions may seem embarrassing to ask, but not for your gynecologist New York. Gynecologists are highly trained medical professionals who’ve chosen their specialty because of the field’s critical impact on women’s health.

  1. Menstruation Problems

Painful or irregular periods are “normal” for some women, but menstrual irregularities may be signs of an underlying health problem. Don’t accept extreme discomfort or unpredictability as part of the package without discussing your menstrual cycle with your gynecologist. She might be able to offer solutions that will keep you more comfortable and on track or, your symptoms may require further investigation.

  1. Check for STDs

Sexually transmitted diseases are types of bacteria or viruses that stay in the infected person’s genitals. Sexual intercourse is not the only way STDs can be contracted. Your gynecologist can explain which STDs may be transferred by mouth or hand and will determine if you have an STD that requires treatment.

  1. Breast Health

Breasts are considered part of the reproductive system, and breast health is part of a gynecologist’s expertise. A gynecologist can show you how to conduct a thorough exam as well as answer any questions you have about breast cancer and other breast-health issues. Regular breast exams are considered especially important for women over 40 even if there is no family history of breast cancer.

  1. Sexual Health

Pain during intercourse, changes in sexual enjoyment or desire are problems that can often be successfully treated by a gynecologist.

  1. Incontinence

Symptoms such as recurring urinary tract infections, overactive bladder, incontinence and other urological issues often go untreated because patients are too embarrassed to talk about them. Your gynecologist New York is trained in diagnosis and treatment options for the types of pelvic floor disorders many women encounter sometime during their life.