Travelling is an exciting treat that most of us look forward to if we have the time and resources. As much as exploring new cities and beaches is fun, getting lost is bound to happen. We might get so caught up in our surroundings that we do not notice we are in a place not on our itinerary. Getting lost in a foreign land can be a nerve-racking experience if we do not have a companion or our handy gadgets have given up on us. What do you then do to get back to your destination? Here are four basic tips for you to take note of in case this happens.

  1. Hail a taxi

If there is one in your vicinity, hop into it! It is a must that you know the location you’re going back to. Save that as a note on your phone or have it written down on paper in case your phone battery dies. It is also a great idea to have the name of your location in the local language if it is available.

Moving forward, it would be best if you get a transportation service beforehand. For example, having a Milton Keynes airport taxi pick you up when going to Heathrow saves you time and effort when you are not familiar with the area.

  1. Ask somebody in the area

This is already a given, but it is tough when you are in an area you feel uncomfortable in. Some instances may be when people are only talking the local language or you are stuck in a seedy-looking area. Find the closest and open establishment like restaurants, cafes, bars and hotels, and ask someone there for assistance if you don’t want to bother passers-by. Look out for a group of tourists with a tour guide or a police officer as other options.

  1. Pinpoint a landmark

Asking someone about a landmark near your desired location can get you to it faster. There is a possibility that the person does not know of your exact destination, so a memorable landmark will be a stepping-stone to your way home. If not, seek a high place like an observation deck or large hill that you can go to, so you can identify it with a better view.

  1. When in doubt, STOP

This is a rule that applies in the wilderness, but it can be tweaked if you are lost in the concrete jungle.

S is for Stop: Stay put for a moment and do not panic.

T is for Think: Contemplate on your next actions to get you out of an unfamiliar area.

O is for Observe: Look around you and see what can help you in your situation.

P is for Plan: Get that plan into action so you can get home safely.

It pays to be prepared in case you go out of your way. Make sure your gadgets have extra batteries or can be recharged. You should remember your itinerary well so that you can breeze through this problem easily.